Daejeon Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

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The Safest and Cleanest Top Water & Happy Citizens. Daejeon city water is officially verified clean and safe water.
  • The water service of Daejeon was planned in 1934. The Panam Filtration Plant that uses Secheon Stream as water source was constructed to supply 3,500 tons of water per day to 34,000 residents in Daejeon-eup. Since then, the modern water service business began in earnest.

    Since 1934, the water service of Daejeon has been expanding to become a large-scale business, supplying 1.35 million tons of tap water per day to1.551 million residents as of the end of 2014 through water service expansion projects in Yudeungcheon Stream, Gapcheon Stream, Geumgang River, and Daecheongho Lake.

    Meanwhile, the water service facility using Secheon Stream, the origin of the water service in Daejeon, was closed in 1981 due to operation inefficiency and facility aging since it was a small facility. At present, it is used as a park. The Sanseong and Boksu Filtration Plants were closed on October 31, 1997. The Sintanjin Filtration Plant was closed on November 10, 1999. The Wolpyeong Filtration Plant, the Songchon Filtration Plant, the Hoedeok Filtration Plant, and the Sintanjin Filtration Plant have been providing tap water since.