Daejeon Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

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The Safest and Cleanest Top Water & Happy Citizens. Daejeon city water is officially verified clean and safe water.
beautiful greetings from the general director
  • Welcome!
  • The general director of Daejeon metropolitan waterworks Authority that is in charge of providing clean water supply for 1.5 million Daejeon residents. Daejeon secures the facilities to supply a maximum of 1.53 million tons of water per day from four filtration plants, including Wolpyeong, with modern facilities, as well as from an abundant clean and clear water source, the Daecheongho Lake.

    The city water shall never stop flowing, even for one moment, without advance notice. The other top priority is to acquire reliability through a stable supply of clean city water. To this end, Daejeon Waterworks is doing its best to oversee the water supply service so all residents can take advantage of the systematic and scientific water quality management from the water source to their taps at home.

    Daejeon Waterworks increased the items for testing the water quality of Daecheong Dam, from 31 to 40. The legal test items for the filtration plant have increased to 170 items from 58, upon the recommendation of the WHO. Seven items, instead of six legal items, are applied to the testing phase of the water supply. The aged pipeline rehabilitation project is also being actively carried out.

    The management principles for waterworks are based on the stable supply of clean water. The management strategies premium tap water through scientific water quality management and improvement in rate of running water through the advancement of water pipeline management, and management stability with a stable funding plan and improvement of the water reliability of It's SU through diverse and aggressive PR activities, and explain of It's SU distribution area by promoting marketing. About 440 workers in Daejeon Waterworks will introduce change and innovation to meet customer satisfaction. Your great interest and encouragement will be our best sources of pride.