Daejeon Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

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it's water promotion center

The Safest and Cleanest Top Water & Happy Citizens. Daejeon city water is officially verified clean and safe water.
artificial island
  • Background
    • Algae have been appearing in the Daecheongho Lake water source during the summer every year due to the features of the l ake water. Water quality complaints have been raised due to algae penetration. Thus, to address the tap water quality complaints and improve water quality, we planned the construction of an eco-friendly, artificial island that is excellent in water purification and is most abundant. The eco-friendly, artificial island will contribute to improve the water quality in the water source and enhance the image of tap water.
  • Construction of the eco-friendly artificial plant island
    • Location: All areas in the intake tower in Chu-dong Dong-gu, Daecheongho Lake
    • Period: 2004 ~ 2009
    • Plants: Iris pseudoacorus and reeds
    • Dimension: 15,700㎡
  • Effect
    • Reduce the amount of algae in the summer by removing nutrient salts from the water source, Daecheongho Lake
    • Create a beautiful scenery by constructing an eco-friendly, artificial island
    • Build the Mini Bio Park with perennial aquatic plants