Daejeon Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

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The Safest and Cleanest Top Water & Happy Citizens. Daejeon city water is officially verified clean and safe water.
organization and functions
  • organization chart
  • Organization and Functions
    Classification Main functions
    Office Department Division
    waterworks Headquarter Administration Planning Management Dept.
    • General planning and coordination of administrative affairs
    • Basic operation planning, inspection, and analysis of water service businesses
    • Management of personal record, services, education, document security, and certification
    • Compensation, pension, medical insurance, and welfare
    • City council related affairs, including administrative affairs and inspection
    • Legal duties and lawsuit
    • Workplace civil defense corps operations and supervision of civil servants
    • Instruction/supervision of affiliated offices
    • Wired/wireless communication facility management
    • Registration, supervision, and instruction for water service constructions
    • Estimated expenditure and settlement for special accounts of the water service
    • Contract for construction, manufacturing, articles, and outsourcing services
    Marketing Management Dept.
    • Particulars about advertisement of water supply
    • Particulars about marketing such as the improvement of drinking water rates
    • Special accounts budget planning and execution
    • Financial planning and municipal bond floatation management
    • Bottled water production / sales strategy planning and execution
    • Audit
    • Particulars about water market opening and fostering and planning domestic water industry
    • Water consumption charges (guidance and supervision)
    • Guidance and supervision of regulation violations such as unfair use of water supply service
    • Contract with designated financial institutions (supervision and inspection)
    • Water meter reading (guidance and supervision)
    • Supply and demand contract for raw water and water for particular purposes
    • Municipal utilities handling contract
    • Particulars about the reduction of water supply charge for ‘Good Restaurants’
    • Computerization of water supply systems
  • Organization and Functions
    Classification Main functions
    Office Department Division
    waterworks Headquarter Technology Water Distribution Division
    • General planning and emergency water supply planning related to water
    • supply/drainage/distribution
    • Water service area adjustment and control
    • Technical instruction for the operation of branches and water facilities management offices
    • Instruction and supervision related to the installation/management of pumping stations
    • Instruction and supervision for leakage prevention
    Water Source Division
    • Instruction and supervision of filtration branches and water quality test centers
    • Production and planning coordination of residential and industrial water
    • Aeration facilities operation and management
    • Operation and management of water quality management office (ex: Aeration facilities, etc.)
    • Special facility management act and emergency management affairs
    • Efficient filtration facilities operations
    Facilities Division
    • Expansion plan in water service facilities
    • Design/installation/supervision of water service facilities
    • Advanced filtration facilities planning/construction supervision
    • Basic water facility maintenance planning